Very practical and functional.

They will help you in: construction, furnishing the house, moving, transporting, sports trips, or travelling.

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a trailer for transporting cars, machines and snow scooters

1 Rigid and durable design

High durability is guaranteed by hot-dip galvanized fully welded frame and drawbar.

2 Safety and comfort

Independent suspension and AL-KO axles ensure safe and stable driving (in trailers with brakes).

3 Ramps

Standard accessories in models 'atb' include two ramps made of pressed perforated metal sheets for easy loading and off‑loading vehicles. The ramps are stored in special slots under the platform, with additional protection from vibration and sliding out.

4 Transport

Vehicles in models 'atb' are transported on rails made of pressed perforated metal sheets. Trailer models' m18 ver. A 'are equipped with a 15 mm thick anti-slip plywood floor and 12 pcs of belt fastening holders.

5 Easy loading and unloading

The load platform in 'm18' is tilted to enable unloading without unhooking the trailer. The platform is stabilized and protected from tilting during loading and unloading operations with screw jack 700 kg on 'm18 wer. A' models.

6 Protection of lamps

Multifunction lamps are installed inside the rear beam. This makes them protected against damage, moisture and mud. Wiring connections are protected in the best possible way to guarantee maintenance-free operation for years.


Accessory GN211
Name N27-420 2 atb
Spare Wheel, 185/60 R12C, 5x112 mm KK027
Spare Wheelsholder, side GA415
Anti-slip plywood floor 15 mm GA414
Driving stabilizer GA403
Anti-theft, Box Lock w/ Padlock AU121
Wheel wedges AU123
Wheel wedge handle AU123A
Set of shock absorbers for braked axles, AL-KO 2 x GA355
Clamp for Jockey Wheel (fi60) OK003
Jockey Wheel, (fi60) KM008
Support leg swingable KM012
Hand crank for support leg KM013
A set of support legs GA423

7 Standard equipment

Standard equipment of trailers includes a wheel wedges and a jockey wheel with a clamp. In addition, single axle trailers have two ramps for platform tilting.

8 Optional accessories

15 mm thick anti-slip plywood floor that enables walking and contains any leakage (for 'atb' model).

Spare wheel mount.

Trailer support (700 mm) for 'm18 wer. A' models.

AL‑KO stabilizer that efficiently eliminates tilting from side to side, swinging and swaying.

Shock absorbers to reduce dangerous shocks, improve stability while driving and braking and ensure optimal contact between trailer wheels and road surface.

Hoops and high cover 1200 mm (for 'm18 wer. A' models).

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Why invest in a trailer?

  • you will become independent from trailer rental outlets and transport companies,
  • you will reduce costs related to serial transport of goods and equipment,
  • no need to buy a larger car,
  • you will avoid trouble connected with renting a trailer,
  • you will not have to ask your friends for help,
  • you will increase your comfort.