Information about cookies

We use so-called cookie files on our website. Below you can find out why, and how to delete them.

Purpose of cookies processing

  1. We track the use of the website by consumers, collecting anonymous statistical data:
    • the date, time and pages visited by users,
    • screen resolution, browser type,
    • clicking on the website.
  2. We save your preferences regarding filtering of trailers list – after setting these filters, the browser will remember your settings thanks to the cookies.


The data we collect is anonymous – we do not associate specific results with any specific computer and we do not collect data to determine the identity of the recipient.

How to delete cookies?

Most browsers allow you to delete stored cookies. If you want to learn how to do this, go to this page, select your browser and follow the instructions.

Cookie Preferences

You can accept, customize, or reject the use of all cookies and similar technologies. You will make a detailed selection using the options below. You can change the settings at any time.