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They will help you in: construction, furnishing the house, moving, transporting, sports trips, or travelling.

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small, convenient city trailer.

1 Easy and practical storage

Small dimensions of the CITY model allow for its storage in small spaces. An additional advantage is a drawbar which can be stored in the platform. Thus the storage space is reduced even more.

2 Always close at hand

Because of the small dimensions, the CITY trailer is an ideal solution for residents of apartments, as well as for owners of ATVs which can also pull a trailer with the load.

3 Easy-to-attach tarpaulin cover

Tarpaulin cover fasteners are offered as standard accessories of the NEPTUN trailers. They are used for fastening flat tarpaulin covers and those on high racks.

4 Safety and comfort

Wheel suspension is independent, and its rubber spring axle ensure safe and comfortable driving.

5Easy load securing

Lashing eyes are located in the corners of the platform. As standard the handles are installed in all NEPTUN trailers.

Accessory GN052
Name N5-145 city
Flat Cover, 650 g/m2, Grey AP083
Spare Wheel, 4.80x8, 4x100mm KK032
Spare Wheel Support, drawbar GA389
Anti-theft, Coupling Lock w/ Key AU059
Anti-theft, Steel Locking Shoe w/ Key AU090
Anti-theft, Box Lock w/ Padlock AU121
Clamp for Jockey Wheel and Prop Stand, 200 mm GA192
Jockey Wheel, 200 mm KM002

6 Lamp protection

Multifunction lamps are installed inside the tailgate and under the rear sidewall and therefore they are protected against damage, moisture and mud. Cable connections are well protected, guaranteeing long-lasting maintenance-free operation.


Download a PDF file with spare parts

Why invest in a trailer?

  • you will become independent from trailer rental outlets and transport companies,
  • you will reduce costs related to serial transport of goods and equipment,
  • no need to buy a larger car,
  • you will avoid trouble connected with renting a trailer,
  • you will not have to ask your friends for help,
  • you will increase your comfort.

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