Neptun Trailer

Navy N13-20 navy [GN231]


model: N13-20 navy [GN231]

Product specifications

  • It has a special structure, with which length of the trailer can be adopted to boats within the limits of 15 to 20 feet.
  • The trailer is available in the registration version with DMC: 1000 kg, 1200 kg, 1300 kg.
  • The rear horizontal rollers are placed on the cradle – it allows the boat to slide smoothly from the trailer or to be pulled onto the trailer.
  • The positions of the side supports and the cradle are fully adjustable. This ensures optimum pressure of the rubber rollers on the sides and keel.
  • Additional cargo holders welded on the back and front bars,
  • Adjustable axle position
  • Made of high quality hot-dip galvanised steel. This ensures a long-term use of the trailer.
  • The rear light bar can be easily and quickly dismantled.
  • Equipped with a winch with a load capacity of 1100 kg, winch support, horizontal rollers on the cradle, 3 horizontal rollers and 4 side supports adjustable.
  • Independent suspension on the AL-KO watertight axles ensures safe and stable driving.
  • Multifunction lights are placed in the lighting panel so they are protected against moisture and dirt.
  • Additional optional accessories for N13-20 navy are offered:
    • Spare wheel holder,
    • Trailer support 700 mm long,
    • Wheel chocks,
    • Shock absorbers ensuring reduction of dangerous shocks, greater stability during driving and braking as well as optimum contact of the trailer with the ground.
N13-20 navy [GN231]

Type: low-bed

Gross Weight: 1300 kg

Payload: 981 kg

Internal dimensions: 412 x 151 x 40 cm

Wheels: 14 ″

Axle: 1

Brakes: Yes

Front gate: none

Tilt drawbar: No


1 For boats with the length between 8 to 20 ft

The NAVY trailer has a special design enabling to adjust the length of the trailer to the length of a boat within the range from 8 to 20 ft.

2 Easy loading and unloading of a boat

Rear horizontal rollers in N7-17 navy and N13-20 navy installed on the cradle make it possible to slide a boat smoothly from the trailer or pull it onto the trailer. A boat pressure on the cradle is reduced, so there is a slight risk of damage to the boat.

3 Optimal load distribution

Positions of side supports and the cradle in N7-17 navy and N13-20 navy are fully adjustable. This is ensured by the optimum pressure of rollers made of non-staining plastic to the sidewalls and keel. Addition – at the client’s request – a lateral support on each side increases security of the boat transported on the trailer.

4 Long life

The NAVY models are made of high quality hot-dip galvanized steel. This ensures a long life for the trailer.

5 Fast and easy handling of the tailgate

Rear light beam can be quickly and easily disassembled.


Accessory GN195 GN243 GN034 GN248 GN231
Name N7-12 navy N7-12 js (jet ski) N7-17 navy N7-17 kj N13-20 navy
Spare Wheel, 155/70 R13, 4x100 mm KK022 KK022 KK022 KK022 -
Spare Wheel, 185 R14C, 5x112 mm - - - - KK008
Spare Wheel Support GA388 GA388 GA117 GA117 GA407
Anti-theft, Steel Locking Shoe w/ Key AU090 AU090 AU090 AU090 -
Anti-theft, Box Lock w/ Padlock AU121 AU121 AU121 AU121 AU121
Anti-theft, Coupling Lock w/ Key AU059 AU059 AU059 AU059 -
Clamp for Jockey Wheel and Prop Stand, 200 mm OK002 OK002 OK002 OK002 OK002
Jockey Wheel, 200 mm KM002 KM002 KM002 KM002 -
Jockey Wheel w/ Clamp, 200 mm GA227 GA227 GA227 GA227 -
Prop Stand, 700 mm KM006 KM006 KM006 KM006 KM006
Flat side support (1 szt - rubber skid 292x100) GA394 GA394 GA395 - GA412
Set of side supports (2 szt - carpet skid 2000x122) GA430 GA430 GA486 - -
Keel Roll Kit incl. Support - - GZ886 - -
Double Side Rolls Kit incl. Support and Clamp - - GZ889 - -
Platform GA433 GA433 GA432 - GA434
Higher winch base - - GA429 - -
A set of sheaths (16 pcs) to protect the kayak - - GA435 GA435 -
Construction for transporting kayaks - set  - - GA443 - -
Winch w/ Belt, 50 mm x 7 m, 450 kg QS011 QS011 QS011 - -
Winch, 1100 kg - - - - QS018
Set of shock absorbers for braked axles, AL-KO - - - - GA355
Wheel wedges - - - - AU123
Wheel wedge handle - - - - AU123A






6 Standard equipment

The NAVY model is fitted with a winch with the capacity of 450 kg (in N7-12 navy and N7-17 navy) or 1100 kg (in N13-20 navy), winch supports, Jockey wheel, fixed horizontal rollers and adjustable side supports.

Why invest in a trailer?

  • you will become independent from trailer rental outlets and transport companies,
  • you will reduce costs related to serial transport of goods and equipment,
  • no need to buy a larger car,
  • you will avoid trouble connected with renting a trailer,
  • you will not have to ask your friends for help,
  • you will increase your comfort.

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