Neptun Trailer

Moto N6-220 pm2 [GN064]


model: N6-220 pm2 [GN064]

Product specification

  • MOTO is equipped as standard with two transport rails with rollbars for attaching the front wheel of the motorcycle and one inrun gutter.
  • The trailer is available in the registration version with DMC: 350 kg, 400 kg, 450 kg, 500 kg, 550 kg, 600 kg, 650 kg, 700 kg, 750 kg.
  • Built fenders protect transported motorcycles from dirt.
  • Tilting cargo platform as well as an inrun gutter allow easy loading and unloading of the motorcycle.
  • MOTO has lashing lugs for securing the motorcycle during transport.
  • Independent suspension, rubber axle elements and low suspension frame ensure safe and stable driving.
  • Multifunction lamps are located in a steel housing thanks to which they are protected against mechanical damage.
N6-220 pm2 [GN064]

Type: low-bed

Gross Weight: 750 kg

Payload: 618 kg

Internal dimensions: 225 x 130 x 31 cm

Wheels: 13 ″

Axle: 1

Brakes: No

Front gate: none

Tilt drawbar: Yes


1 Safety and comfort

Independent suspension, rubber spring axle and a low suspended frame ensure safe and stable driving.

2 Easy load securing

The trailer is fitted with handles for fastening belts for securing a motorbike during transportation. Rails have blocking bars to secure the front wheels of the transported vehicle.

3 Protection of lamps

Position lamps are embedded into the front beam and rear multifunction lamps are installed in a steel enclosure. In this way, all the lamps are protected against mechanical damage.

4 Transport of two motorcycles

As standard, the MOTO model is equipped with two rails with bars used for mounting the front wheels of two motorcycles and one ramp.

5 Protection against dirt

Integrated mudguards protect transported motorcycles against getting dirty.

Accessory GN064 GN202 GN249 GN250
Name N6-220 pm2 N7-221 pm3 N10-255 moto N13-255 moto
High Cover w/ Strap Fasteners, 1500 mm, 520 g/m2, Grey - - AP298 AP298
High Cover w/ Strap Fasteners, 1500 mm, 650 g/m2, Grey - - AP299 AP299
Hoops for High Cover, 1500 mm - - GA441 GA441
Spare Wheel, 155/70 R13, 4x98 mm KK014 KK014 - -
Spare Wheel, 155/70 R13, 4x100 mm KK022 KK022 - -
Spare Wheel, 185/70 R13 , 4x100 mm - - KK007 -
Spare Wheel, 185 R14C, 5x112 mm - - - KK008
Spare Wheel Support, bottom GA173 GA390 - -
Spare Wheel Support, drawbar - - GA159 GA159
Anti-theft, Steel Locking Shoe w/ Key AU090 AU090 - -
Anti-theft, Box Lock w/ Padlock AU121 AU121 AU121 AU121
Anti-theft, Coupling Lock w/ Key AU059 AU059 - -
Clamp for Jockey Wheel and Prop Stand, 200 mm OK002 OK002 OK002 OK002
Jockey Wheel, 200 mm KM002 KM002 KM002 KM002
Jockey Wheel w/ Clamp, 200 mm GA227M GA227M GA227 GA227
Prop Stand, 700 mm KM006 KM006 - -
Channel w/ Bracket, 2200 x 175 mm  GZ552 GZ552 - -
Loading Ramp, 1680 x 180 mm  GA171 GA171 - -
Gas Spring, Fitting for Drawbar-Chassis GA371 GA371 - -
Set of shock absorbers for braked axles, AL-KO - - GA355 GA355
Motor stand set for N_-255 moto - - GA437 GA437
Motor stand - - GA436 GA436


6 Easy unloading

Tilting load platform and the ramp allow for easy loading and unloading of a motorcycle.

Why invest in a trailer?

  • you will become independent from trailer rental outlets and transport companies,
  • you will reduce costs related to serial transport of goods and equipment,
  • no need to buy a larger car,
  • you will avoid trouble connected with renting a trailer,
  • you will not have to ask your friends for help,
  • you will increase your comfort.